6 years ago when I first came to Tender Heart, I met 5 young girls who taught basic lessons to the WOOPIE children in the afternoon. They are Sheetal, Madhu, Jyoti, Nimmi and Chinki. Today they are all married with bubs and living with their husbands family. Today I went to visit Sheetal and Madhu today, 2 sisters who have married 2 brothers. 

As usual, when a non-Indian comes to visit, friends, neighbours, relatives also come to visit. There were people everywhere. This is a very traditional family environment and Sheetal and Madhu keep their faces covered around other men, including their father in law and they don’t talk to other men. So we basically had all the women and children in one room and men in the other room. I was floating in between, taking instructions from Sheetal and Madhu to speak to their husbands then report back to them if I liked them. I followed instructions and yes I did like their husbands so all was well

I think our party looks more fun!
This is Sheetal with the eyes wide open Prashant 

Me with baby Vhoomi who is very very new to this world and right about now she is peeing on me

And to top off the day, here are some glimpses from a short cut on the way home. Juttin was driving, and he is the s0n of Rajkumar, Renu’s driver and brother to Sheetal and Madhu.

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Tender Heart needs a storage room and so in the blink of an eye it is all happening – a transformation from a blank slab to action packed brick laying. This is all one family working here- I was a little taken aback by the women carrying bricks but then that is how it is done in India. Today is their last day so we had samosas for lunch for them. 

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Not content with one full on episode of Holi, Maureen & Colin and I went to Matura & Vrindavan to experience more. We stayed in a smaller place called Goverdam which was a little more calm than the upcoming Vrindavan

We found this beautiful ghat which may or may not be called Ram Kund – the first part of our time there was very peaceful, then we met up with some young boys with bags of colour, which we realised was a sign of imminent colour throwing. All good fun – mostly

A visit to Iskon temple in Vrindavan which is a very beautiful temple – HQ for Hare Krishnas world wide. Here are 2 Unsuspecting Hare Krishnas of the future 

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Just for a change from cute children, I thought I’d share some glimpses of what lies just behind the walls around tender heart

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We went to visit the nearby potters village nearby. This is where many of the WOOPIE children come from. They absolutely love having visitors to their homes. 

This is Preeti and Kauvita. Preeti still comes to school but Kauvita now works in the family’s potting business. 

The children love to be photographed – and especially with their animals. I think Preeti is a lot preetier than her cow! 

Baubita was so proud to show us her beautiful bedroom. 

These 2 girls, Pinky and Kajal are regulars at WOOPIE school and were so excited to have visitors. Their mother is loading stacks of fuel into this fire to attend to their pots. Just looks a tad dangerous.

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OMG – Holi festival in India has to be experienced to be believed! Soooooo many people and in Barsana where we were on Saturday I think half the population of India was there. It is the festival of colour and people ( non-Indian people mainly seem to be targeted – just to make us really feel part of it ) are covered in coloured powder, coloured paint and coloured stamps – all eagerly placed on the face, hair or any other accessible parts of the body. It is not for the faint hearted or those who don’t do well in crowds

Me arriving at our ashram for the night – I’m not unhappy that’s just a shocked look on my face at what I look like

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